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Blamformers! Blamformers!

Rated 2 / 5 stars


I mean, the artwork was good and all, but thats it.. I didn't find any good humor or anything, just a bunch of robots, with like the same plot in every video. I expected better than this with a loading screen like that.

Super Mario bros Z ep 6 Super Mario bros Z ep 6

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Excellent Work.

This was really a great flash.. Here's my review.

Graphics[9]: Graphics are sprites of course, bit I can tell you ripped these yourself. That takes a lot of time, effort and patience, and they were beautifully done. Very nice!

Style[9]: The style of this flash was fanominal, deffinatly going in my favorites. Your very talented and this Flash proves that. You added little kid humor such as the little scenes with Wario and Waligi and Luigi and Mario like when they're doing something funny I'm not really sure, I didn't think it was funny myself but I know as a kid I would of loved it. You were very creative and the flow of the movie was unbelievable, never a boring part as far as I saw.

Sound[10]: You had perfect music to set the moods, you had great sound effects for the explosions and the voices of the characters every once in awhile. You have a lot of talent.

Violence[2]: Don't let anybody ever tell you that a movie has to be violent in order to be good. This movie was kid friendly and I loved it. I have to say that even though I'm 16 years old and don't get me wrong the swearing in movies kinda make me like it just alittle more but not if theres too much of it, just enough so its like real, but the way you had all the villians and stuff using 'idiot' as the most hardcore word in it I enjoyed every second of it. Although I gave violence a 2, that takes away 0.00 points that im giving you for this flash.

Interactivity[10] Well, I'm giving you a 10 because if I wasn't interacting with the spacebar, I would of never gotten to finish the movie, and because there has to be interaction to watch the movie, I'll give you the 10.

Humor[4]: Again, I wasn't to fond of anything that was going on in that movie but I'm posotive that little kids would love that kind of stuff, whether it's on Newgrounds or in a game. Anyways, 9 because I'm sure the littler kids would love it.

Overal[10] Perfect score. The dedication that you must have taken to complete this flash had to be magnificent, you have a lot of talent bud, never let anybody tell you that you don't. I've seen GBA and Sega and even Dreamcast games with worse animation than this. I enjoyed every second of it. Deffinatly worth the time to watch it. 10!!! Great Job and keep up the good work!!

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The Square Ethics The Square Ethics

Rated 4 / 5 stars

that was funny stuff

Graphics [4] : Well, seeing as these were just squares that have been redrawn maybe 4 times and looped i'd have to say that these graphics arent the best, but still .. with these characters, they wouldn't seem right drawn any other way.

Style [8] : The plot was great, I loved the voices.
" He stepped in your flower garden "
" Let's kill that mud-hole " lmao

Sound [3] : I'd have to say these were the finest homemade sound effects ive ever heard, also helped to add some feel in this flash.

Violence [3] : Not really violent at all, but i'll give ya a 3 cause I like ya.

Interactivity [0] : yeah..

Humor [9] : There were alotta funny parts in this one. You used some great lines that made me laugh abit.
" I don't have to go to the bathroom no more. "

Overall [8] : A well thought-out Flash. Deffinitley worth the time to watch. Great Job.

Gun vs. Butterfly Gun vs. Butterfly

Rated 1 / 5 stars

the beginning started out good

but as the movie progressed it showed a bullet in mid air basically nd than it hit a butterfly.. cool .. and by the way, im kidding

Stick Battle Arena Stick Battle Arena

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

enjoyed it..

Well, the animation was very smooth but you have to be a lot more creative in future flash submissions seeing as the only thing was people walking in, shooting someone and then dying, there was no close calls, running off of walls, flips, thats what the newgrounders crave in these animations, anyone can make sticks shoot eachother. Anyways, it looks like you tried hard, and yes im sure this one will pass but try harder on future submissions. Good work.

The Ultimate Present The Ultimate Present

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I can imagine that this took you time. Very nicely done. This looks like a cartoon made by professionals down at Nickelodeon or something. Keep up the good work. You went in my favorites for this one, I'll expect to see more work from you soon.. Very Nice =)

Sonic the Flash Movie Sonic the Flash Movie

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very nice

i thought that it was going ti be over the second shadow took the
C.E's and it was going to be a horrible flash to be continued but you made a very good story and a very nice flash to cover it, i'd give you a 20 but it only goes to 10.

Xombie: Chapter 7 Xombie: Chapter 7

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very Very impressive.

I loved it! And I laugh to see that John_Floyd wrote that this was far the worst in the series, haha, it's #1 top scoring, If I get good, this is the kind of flash I'll dream about making. 10/10, 5/5, 4 stars, 100% AWESOME!

Galiver, the Dragon Galiver, the Dragon

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars


dude, ur ugly and on top of it that sucked! lol was that your weiner man, gross!

Madness Mini 2 Madness Mini 2

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

very nicely done

finally a madness withput jesus, im sick of seeing him shot it makes me SICK!! but u made 2 mayors instead, nice flash.

Shrinkz responds:

well actually their not mayors. the one with the black hat is the Sheriff, and the one with the grey hat is the Deputee.